Dio The Last In Line

Dio The Last In Line: An 80’s Video Break-Down

Join us as we break-down “Dio The Last In Line” to reveal just how 80’s the MTV music video really was.

In 1984, Ronnie James Dio’s eponymic band followed up the success of Holy Diver with their second album, The Last in Line. The title track was accompanied by a completely bizarre music video directed by Don Coscarelli, who also brought us the horror flick Phantasm.

Dio The Last In Line

Don deserves a lot of credit for faithfully replicating the Dio The Last In Line album cover on what we could only imagine was a minuscule budget.

From Vivian Campbell’s blistering guitar solo to the electroshock video games, the whole thing just screams 80’s!

Hell, The star of the video was actually Punky Brewster’s older half brother Meeno Peluce.

Dio The Last In Line

From start to finish you’re brought back to the simpler days, some thirty odd years ago. Here are a few choice moments we beg you to watch for…

0:24 – The porn-mustache toting Porsche-Pilot is none other than Dio The Last In Line keyboardist Claude Schnell.

1:23 – Ronie James Dio giving the universe’s most epic double thumbs down!

1:37 – A video game in which a stick figure wizard sends you back home for more quarters.

1:55 – You and Dio have been magically transported to “The Price Is Right” where Ronnie uses your quarters as “Plinko Chips”.


2:21 – You remember the time your best friend got a perm thinking he could score more chicks!

2:58 – We’re the throw before the toss? Ronnie, we love you man, we’re not going to argue.

3:14 – Resistance is futile.

3:27 – The Money shot!

Watch: Dio – The Last In Line (VIDEO)
Dio-The Last In LineDio-The Last In Line

So maybe our take on things didn’t bring you back to the 1984 you remember but we’re sure everyone can agree that…

The world today is a much colder place without Ronnie in it.


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