K.K Downing Album

K.K Downing Comeback Album Features Les Binks & Tim Owens

K.K Downing has teamed up with former Judas Priest band members Les Binks and Tim “Ripper” Owens to form a super heavy band he has dubbed KK’s Priest.

Tim Owens, the former singer of Judas Priest commented on the new album which is currently still under production, “K.K. Downing was “shooting for the top” with his comeback album.”

The newly formed heavy metal band KK’s Priest is as follows… K.K. Downing (guitar), A.J. Mills [Hostile] (guitar), Tim “Ripper” Owens (vocals), Les Binks (drums) and Tony Newton [Voodoo Six] (bass)

“Forging ahead with KK’S Priest was not only inevitable but essential for me to perform and deliver everything that is expected from me and KK’S Priest,” Downing said in a statement. “Due to the massive demand and overwhelming support from fans around the world, I feel this is where I belong, and a set combining the true, classic songs and sound of Priest, together with great, newly forged metal tracks, is what fans can expect when KK’S Priest is taking to stages.” – K.K Downing

KK’S Priest is still working on their debut album that will later be released by Explorer1 Music Group.

The band will also play a few select shows later in the year to mark the 50th anniversary of Judas Priest and K.K’s career as a founding member.

The new K.K Downing albums setlist is to consist of Judas Priest classics and new material.

“I got my vocals done. It sounds unbelievable,” Tim “Ripper” Owens told Eddie Trunk . “It’s gonna be a really great record. Obviously, we can’t talk too much about it right now, but it’s really good. We have a really good time. … The vocals came out great. It’s a lot of high stuff, a lot of aggressive stuff and a lot of classic-sounding metal. So it’s gonna be great.”

Tim Ripper Owens posted a “vocal victory pic” to his Instagram !

Les Binks drummed on the following Judas Priest albums. …Stained Class, Hell Bent For Leather and Unleashed In The East.

Tim Owens joined Judas Priest in 1996 and recorded two studio albums with the band, Jugulator in 1997 and Demolition in 2001 before Judas Priest reunited with Rob Halford in 2003.

Judas Priest – Metal Gods (Live Vengeance ’82)
Judas Priest - Metal Gods (Live Vengeance '82)Judas Priest - Metal Gods (Live Vengeance '82)


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