The Coffin Train

The Coffin Train: New Album From Diamond Head

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Diamond Head: The NWOBHM pioneers have sighed a deal with Silver Lining Music. The new album, The Coffin Train, will be released in late May.

The Coffin Train is promised to deliver a real old-school heavy metal excellence!

The Coffin Train

See Diamond Head in the band’s first official music video and single “Belly of the Beast” from the forthcoming album: “The Coffin Train”

Diamond Head – Belly of the Beast (Official Video)
Diamond Head - Belly of the Beast (Official Video)

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Diamond Head will be touring Europe for most of 2019 and are confirmed on the line-up of two very special UK shows with Saxon amid their busy schedule.

“We’re delighted to be bringing the Diamond Head lightning to our new family at Silver Lining Music and honored to be standing alongside a stable of established international talent, which includes such legends as Saxon, Europe and Motörhead. This is the start of an exciting journey and we can’t wait to share it with you all.”

A spokesperson for Silver Lining Music said: “We are beyond psyched to announce that we have struck legendary heavy metal gold by signing Diamond Head to the Silver Lining Music roster. “The blend of Brian Tatler’s legendary chops with the exciting new visions of Rasmus Bom Andersen are electric indeed, and we look forward to the world discovering that for themselves with Diamond Head’s forthcoming new album The Coffin Train, out on May 24.

“We are proud to offer you the chance to catch a ride on this train, so be sure to buy a ticket and get on-board fast!”

The Coffin Train was penned on the road and recorded in several different locations. Guitars, bass, and vocals at Vigo Studios in Walsall, drums at Circle Studios in Birmingham, and the album had been mixed and produced at Ras’ Raw Sound Studio in London.

Formed in 1976 under the leadership of guitarist Tatler, Diamond Head was quickly establish as a vanguard of the exploding movement that was “The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal”.

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