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5 Totally Insane Things About Black Sabbath


Join us as we explore the top 5 most totally insane things about Black Sabbath that only the loyalist of fans may know.

5.) Back in 1972, Ozzy Osbourne was so incredibly high that he accidentally called the cops on himself.

While recording in Los Angeles, Osbourne got a little hot under collar after blasting down the powdery slopes of Mount Nose Candy, and decided to turn on the air conditioner. Only he screwed that up and alerted the LAPD.

“One day, I’d just done a line and was feeling really hot. I pressed this button on the wall thinking it was the air conditioner – instead, it alerted the police! All these cop cars show up, so I go into the toilet with all the drugs, trying to do them all before they came in!” – Ozzy


4.) One of the tracks from Master Of Reality was linked to The Son Of Sam Murders.

Black Sabbath Master of Reality was released on the 21st of July, 1971 and featured the song “After Forever.” David Berkowitz, also known as the Son of Sam, who murdered eight people in New York City in 1976, was a huge fan of the band, and was allegedly inspired by the track.

Osbourne once told Rolling Stone that Sabbath questioned whether its lyrics had gone too far into darkness and the occult when informed Berkowitz was perhaps inspired by “After Forever.”

“Would you like to see the pope on the end of a rope?’ in ‘After Forever’; Geezer’s Catholic, you know. You remember that guy from New York, Son of Sam, who was killing all the chicks? When they got into his apartment, he supposedly had the lyrics to ‘After Forever’ written on his wall. I thought, ‘F*ck me, are we going too far?” – Geezer Butler

Tony Iommi added in a Guitar World interview: “I think the Son of Sam murders were associated with us, because he recited words from our songs when he killed people.”
3.) Satanist placed a curse on Black Sabbath for declining their request to play a gig at Stonehenge.

In 1970, such occultists invited the band to participate in rituals, something the members of the band weren’t keen on doing.

“I couldn’t believe it when I learned that people actually ‘practiced [sic] the occult.’ These freaks with white make-up and black robes would come up to us after our gigs and invite us to black masses at Highgate Cemetery in London. I’d say to them, ‘Look, mate, the only evil spirits I’m interested in are called whisky, vodka, and gin.’

At one point we were invited by a group of Satanists to play at Stonehenge. We told them to f*ck off, so they said they’d put a curse on us. Britain even had a ‘chief witch’ in those days… Mind you, we did buy a Ouija board once and have a little seance. We scared the shit out of each other.” – From Ozzy’s autobiography, “I Am Ozzy”

Tony Iommi recalled another incident of Black Sabbath being sought out by occult fanatics:

“One night, after finishing a show, we returned to the hotel and found the corridor leading to our rooms completely filled with people wearing black cloaks, sitting on the floor with candles in their hands, chanting, ‘Ahhhh.’ So we climbed over them to get to our rooms, but could still hear them chanting. We called security, but that didn’t work. So we synchronized our watches, opened our doors at the same time, blew the candles out and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to them. Pissed ’em off. They freaked — they were expecting us to help them conduct a Satanic mass and they got ‘Happy Birthday’ instead.”

Despite Sabbath’s lack of interest in participating in occult rites, The bands association with Satan and the occult helped their career quite a bit.

“The good thing about the satanic stuff was that it gave us endless free publicity. People couldn’t get enough of it. During its first day of release, Black Sabbath sold five thousand copies, and by the end of the year, it was on its way to selling a million worldwide.” – Osbourne explained

2.) Geezer insisted that Satan visited him in his bedroom.

It was 1968 and the band Earth had just formed, they would later change the name to Black Sabbath, bassist Geezer Butler freaked out when greeted by an unusual nighttime visitor – the devil. Following the run-in, Butler threw out the inverted crosses and assorted other occult and Satanic paraphernalia from his apartment.

“I woke up suddenly, and there was this like this black shape standing at the foot of my bed. And it absolutely frightened the bloody life out of me. This shape, for some reason I thought it was the Devil himself! It was almost as if this thing was saying to me, ‘It’s time to either pledge allegiance or piss off!’ And from that moment on, I just went off the whole thing.”

1.) While recording Technical Ecstasy, every night, the band was injected with Demerol by Elvis Presley’s dentist.

Ozzy Osbourne has admitted that he and his bandmates were more focused on getting high than producing a quality record.

“I was f*cked up all the time, more concerned about my next bag of powder than performing. It was very sad. We wrote ‘Rock and Roll Doctor’ about a real person, Dr. Max, he’s dead now.” – Osbourne

“Dr. Max was Elvis Presley’s old dentist who’d give us Demerol. He went from Elvis to Black Sabbath — good change, innit?” – Iommi

“We’d go see Dr. Max at seven in the evening. He’d put us in the chair, shoot us up, put on the Rolling Stones and then f*ck off.” – Osbourne

Doctor Max, his wife and a stoned Elvis

Neither Ozzy nor Tony stated exactly why Dr. Max was whacking them all out on pain killers but reading between the lines, it seems as though it was used to knock them out, so they could get a full night’s sleep. Demerol is the brand name of meperidine, an opioid is frequently prescribed as a pain medication.


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