Aerosmith Original Tour Van Has Been Found

The Original Aerosmith International-Harvester Metro Touring Van Has Been Found By The History Channel’s “American Pickers” Deep In The Woods Of  Massachusetts.

The Aerosmith van had spent decades abandoned and rusting away in a wooded area near Chesterfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, about 110 miles west of Boston.

The full episode, titled “Roll Like a Rock Star,” has already aired, but it is available to watch on demand from

Aerosmith Tour Van Found

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, the hosts of American Pickers, were told that the Metro was already there in the woods when the current property owner took possession. The previous owner was said to have had some kind of connection to the band, although it wasn’t clear what that might be.


The vehicle’s authenticity was confirmed by Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, and by former member, Ray Tabano.

Aerosmith's tour van found in the woods of western Massachusetts

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