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Cliff Burton Metallica Figures Are Now A Thing

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett tweeted a link that announced the new Metallica Block Figures, the collectors toys will feature the original “Four Horsemen” paying homage to the late-great bassist Cliff Burton, not Jason Newsted or Robert Trujillo.

For the serious Cliff Burton and or Metallica fan, Nothing Else Matters right now, except for pre-ordering this Metallica block figures collection!

Metallica Toy

The block figures have been licensed to the Japanese toy company, Brokker by Metallica. The company specializes in music-related memorabilia and have also created figures for other artists such as Rage Against the Machine and the Sex Pistols. It is said that the family of Cliff Burton has also given their blessing on the licensing deal.

The incarnation of this Metallica figure set leans strongly towards the mid-eighties version of the band when Cliff Burton was leaving live audiences mesmerized with his gritty thrash metal looks, insane headbanging and masterful bass playing.

You can always wait and hope to find a set on eBay for some astronomical amount of money, or you can do as we have and pre-order yours today!

The bassist figure also has strapped to him, a representation of the iconic Aria Pro Black ‘n Gold Cliff Burton Signature Bass.

Follow this link to the company’s official website: Brokker Official Shop


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