Missing Elderly Patients Found At Metal Festival

German Police were alerted after two elderly patients were discovered missing from their beds. They were later found by police around 3 a.m. at the Wacken Open Air metal festival.


A police spokeswoman said they were “disoriented and dazed.” The elderly men also showed signs of trauma, it is still unknown if the injuries were from the escape or possibly caused from crowd-surfing.


Both elderly men were reportedly reluctant to leave, but were eventually escorted from the festival in taxi’s and patrol vehicles.

“They obviously liked the metal festival,” police spokeswoman Merle Neufeld told a public broadcaster. “The care home quickly organized a return transport after police picked them up.”

The duo will not comment on exactly when or how they managed to escape the nursing facility, it is believed they may have secretly obtained tickets to another heavy metal show.

Wacken Open Air 2008 ” IRON MAIDEN ” (HD)
Wacken Open Air 2008 " IRON MAIDEN " (HD)Wacken Open Air 2008 " IRON MAIDEN " (HD)


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