Apparently Great White Sharks Love Heavy Metal

Great White Sharks, thrashing, graceful, aggressive and yet like most creatures of the deep, are almost entirely misunderstood.

If one species on this planet are to be considered metalhead’s, it would have to be Great White Sharks!

A documentary film crew found that blasting heavy metal music into the oceans can actually help attract great white sharks. Filming for the television show featured for Shark Week, “Bride of Jaws,” the Discovery Channel film crew used a military underwater speaker to pump out heavy metal in the sea to try to attract a 4.8 meter (16 foot) shark, awesomely known as “Joan of Shark.” They didn’t attract Joan, however they did entice two others to come up to the boat, one of which was over 4.2 meters (14 feet) long.

Great White Sharks feel the vibrations of sound waves through their lateral line, a sense organ that runs through their head right down the side of their body to their tail fin. Great whites are hypersensitive to low-frequency vibrations, which they use to detect shoals of fish, so the thumping, rumbling tones and beats of heavy metal are perfect for the sharks to pick up on.

Great White Sharks

This is not the first time that sharks have been known to love their music a little heavy. A few years ago, an Australian shark tour operator, found out AC/DC songs had a similar effect.

Heavy Metal Haie hören AC DC – Great White Shark vs AC DC – Galileo
Heavy Metal Haie hören AC DC - Great White Shark vs AC DC - GalileoHeavy Metal Haie hören AC DC - Great White Shark vs AC DC - Galileo

Great White Shark: The Elusive Underwater Predators

Known as the largest predatory fish on the planet, these animals can grow to an average of fifteen feet in length and weight up to five thousand pounds. With a mouth lined up with over 300 jagged triangular teeth, the Great Whites are absolute killing machines.

The sharks name, Great White derives from their universally white underbellies.

The highly adapted predators prey mainly on sea lions, seals, sea turtles, as well as carrion and some species of whale.


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