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Greece Bans Tommy Lee After Crazy Donald Trump Rant

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Greece is taking a stand after Tommy Lee threatened to leave the United States and return to Greece if Donald J. Trump were to win a second term in the 2020 U.S Presidential Election.

Per the Greek Embassy in Washington, D.C., The Hellenic Government will no longer permit Thomas Lee Bass (Tommy Lee) from entering his place of birth, Athens, Greece.

The news comes after Tommy Lee stated he would flee the United States and return to Greece if Trump were to defeat Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

Greek government spokesman Niko Portokalis stated the decision to ban Lee had little to nothing to do with Lee’s dislike for the standing U.S President but more to do with the famed Mötley Crüe drummers announcement that he was also going to release more solo music in his private Athens recording studio.

Chronic Donald Trump hater Tommy Lee took to Twitter threatening to release more solo music if President Trump were to be reelected.

“This is not a threat, it’s a promise” wrote Lee. “You heard that Post Malone crap I released? Well I got a lot more garbage like that and I’m not at all afraid to release it. I will put out one putrid song per day if I have to. I’m totally serious dudes! And remember I’m not talking about Motley Crue music, I am talking about my solo music!”

Tommy Lee first stated that he will leave the country if and when Trump wins. “Yeah I realized tons of people would be happy if I left the country and plus I like Greece. So I got to thinking, how could I punish the most people possible if I don’t get my way? Then it hit me, I’ll push out so much rap crap you’ll all vomit!

Lee released 3 solo albums: “Never a Dull Moment” (2002) has been described as a third rate Limp Bizkit. Tommyland (2005) featured guest appearances by The Backstreet Boys & Nickelback. Yes Tommy Lee’s boy band phase. It kind of sounds like N’Synch meets Florida Georgia Line. “Andro” just released in 2020 is described as Hip Hop & EDM.

Tyla Yaweh, Tommy Lee Remix ft. Post Malone
Tyla Yaweh, Tommy Lee - Tommy Lee (Tommy Lee Remix - Official Music Video) ft. Post Malone

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Yes the world has been waiting with bated breath for a 58 year old heavy metal drummer to put his spin on music. Facebook is abuzz with excitement. 14 year old Geena Jenson commented “Ew, who is this guy. He looks like my grandfather. OK Boomer, whatev’s!” All the hip kids love Tommy Lee.

Trump also took to Twitter in response: “Other than the sex-tape I still have on VHS, I know very little about Tommy Lee. Pam Anderson was hotter than hell in that one.”


*Adapted from the satirical parody originally posted in Madhouse Magazine.


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