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97 Unreleased Guns N’ Roses Songs Leaked Online

A Guns N’ Roses fan has been threatened with a huge lawsuit after leaking 97 previously unreleased GNR songs online.

TMZ reported that a music business big-wig is threatening a Guns N’ Roses fan with a giant lawsuit claiming the man leaked a ton of the band’s unreleased songs over the net.

“Do you know where you are? You’re in the legal jungle baby, you’re gonna die!”

Guns N’ Roses claims Rick Dunsford leaked 97 previously unreleased songs over the web after obtaining the recordings from a storage unit auction, and UMG – which owns the copyrights – is threatening to sue him for a ton of money. UMG’s legal team fired off a cease and desist letter to Rick – obtained by TMZ – claiming Dunsford violated an earlier settlement agreement in which UMG paid him $15k to return the recordings. Source: TMZ

“The dispute traces its roots back to when Guns N’ Roses’ former A&R guy Tom Zutaut auctioned off a storage unit filled with digital recordings of GNR music from 2000 and 2001. Rick, a die-hard GNR fan claims he and some fellow fans bought the music from the storage unit for $15,000. We’re told the band’s management later caught wind of the transaction and agreed to pay Rick $15k to sell the music back to them.”

Read the full article here: TMZ


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