Iron Maiden Christmas

Iron Maiden Christmas Lights Annoy Uptight Neighbors

This dude, Michael D’Amour, has synced his outdoor Christmas lights display to Iron Maiden songs and plays them on a continuous loop. Driving his tight-ass neighbors totally insane. Enjoy!

Mike’s playlist celebrates his top picks from Iron Maiden’s full catalog.

Check out The Ides Of March and Where Eagles Dare below.

No cops, no neighbors, no one, is going to ruin this guys Iron Maiden Christmas.


Iron Maiden Christmas Lights – The Ides Of March
Christmas 2010 - The Ides of MarchChristmas 2010 - The Ides of March


Iron Maiden Christmas Lights – Where Eagles Dare
Christmas Lights - Iron Maiden - Where Eagles DareChristmas Lights - Iron Maiden - Where Eagles Dare


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