Iron Maiden Founder Steve

Iron Maiden Founder Steve Harris Talks Retirement

With so many Heavy Metal Legends embarking on farewell tours, Iron Maiden founder and galloping bassist Steve Harris has naturally been asked if he sees the end of his iconic band coming soon…

And how fans can be reassured that the idea of a Maiden farewell is far from his thoughts.

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When Iron Maiden founder Steve Harris was asked about the idea of retiring during a recent appearance on Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon he responded…

“I try not to think too much about it, because it’s not really a nice thing to be thinking about the end of the career. I mean, obviously, we’re at the ass end of the career rather than the beginning of it, so it is what it is. But we certainly think we could carry on for a while yet, but you just never know.”

Iron Maiden Founder Steve

“I think you’ve just gotta take it as it comes, especially when you get to our age, I suppose. You never know what’s around the corner, especially after what happened with Bruce and everything [referenceing Bruce’s battle with cancer] So you’ve just gotta enjoy the gigs and enjoy life and be out there and just have fun, which is exactly what we’re doing – we’re enjoying it, probably more than ever, I think. But how long we’re gonna go on for, I don’t know.

“People have been asking us that from 20 years or more ago. We’re still doing it, and we’ll still do it while we can still do it. And we’re still enjoying it, and we’ll carry on as long as we can. But who knows how long that’s gonna be? Something else might decide something for us; you just don’t know. But, again, I don’t like to think about things too much, because we’re enjoying ourselves at the moment, and you don’t really sort of wanna be thinking like that, really.”

Steve Harris Iron Maiden Interview
Steve Harris Iron Maiden InterviewSteve Harris Iron Maiden Interview


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