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K.K Downing Would Be Open To Rejoin Judas Priest


During a Recent Interview K.K Downing Was Asked if He Would Ever Consider Playing With Judas Priest Again… Either for a Full Tour or Any Special Events.

Judas Priest is responsible for the iconic metal masterpieces, “British Steel” and “Screaming for Vengeance” along with the massive tours that accompanied the success of those two records. Over the years, Judas Priest would go through some setbacks with frontman Rob Halford leaving the band for over a decade in the nineties before returning to to face the changes in the music industry and were affecting the genre as a whole.

In 2011 guitarist K.K Downing shocked us all by his sudden departure from the band.  Everyone assumed Ken Downing had retired, after all, he had over forty years with the Priest.

The fact is Downing had wanted to quit years earlier but Rob had beaten him to the punch. After some time away from the spotlight, K.K has written a book “Heavy Duty-Days and Nights in Judas Priest” to tell his story.  The book goes into depth about K.K.’s early years and the formation of Judas Priest up until he decided to call it quits.

BackstageAxxess had a lengthy conversation with metal legend K.K. Downing, listen in below!

BackstageAxxess interviews K K Downing (formerly of Judas Priest)
BackstageAxxess interviews K K Downing (formerly of Judas Priest).BackstageAxxess interviews K K Downing (formerly of Judas Priest).

“Well, you kind of say in the music industry, ‘Never say never.’ So it’s all a question of how you’re being asked and under what circumstances you’re being asked.”

“It’s not just a question of somebody picking up the phone and saying, ‘Oh, K.K., do you feel like doing this? We’d really like to have you back with us just for this special moment.”

KK Downing

“And then you start thinking about, ‘If we did that, then we could do this.’ It’s all about how you’re asked. But if somebody picks up the phone and says, ‘Yeah, a couple of people from the record company have asked if you’d do this with us,’ it’s a different thing.

“That’s the way we are as humans. I mean, probably not everybody is maybe as sensitive as me, but it’s all in the asking, isn’t it?

“I’ve had a couple of relationships myself in my life, and the ladies have often said to me, ‘You know, the problem is not with what you say; it’s how you say it.” – K.K Downing

K.K Downing

“Maybe I could if they said, ‘Would you mind doing this?’ Not just saying, ‘Can you do that?’ Or, ‘That needs doing.’ But, ‘Do you think you can do this for me, please?’

“There’s a massive difference. Especially with the ladies, timing is critical. Sometimes you can say it like that; other times… That’s what confuses us as men. I’m diversifying now a little bit. I say something one day, and it’s okay. And I say it exactly the same way the next day and all hell breaks loose.”

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