Monks Cover Iron Maiden Song & Go Viral

Watch as Petar and Teofil, two Serbian Orthodox Christian Monks jam an acoustic version of the Iron Maiden classic “Wasting Love”.

There was once a time when Iron Maiden had the religious world Running to the Hills. Thankfully all of those misconceptions of the band being Satanist has long past. Now even the holiest of holy, two Orthodox Christian Monks have embraced the heavy metal Legends!


Sine the 14th century The Tuman Monastery has been situated in one of the most peaceful Eastern Serbian landscapes, and is not the place one would expect to hear Monks jamming-out a Maiden tune.


Give a Listen to Petar and Teofil Below

Sadly, Youtube has removed the video in violation of “Community Standards”, go figure!

The word “Tuman” comes from ancient East Slavic mix of languages meaning “mist” or “fog.” You can learn more about this particular piece of history here.

Iron Maiden – “Wasting Love”

Iron Maiden - Wasting Love (Official Video)Iron Maiden - Wasting Love (Official Video)


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