New Judas Priest Movie

New Judas Priest Movie Has Samuel L Jackson Starring As Rob Halford


Samuel L Jackson has decided to accept the role of Rob Halford in a new Judas Priest movie.

Just today, It was announced that Actor Samuel L Jackson will be playing Heavy Metal vocalist Rob Halford in a new Biopic movie about the band Judas Priest.

new judas priest movie

Building off the success of recent rock biopics such as Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocket Man, the timing seemed right for a new Judas Priest movie. Rob Halford added “Judas Priest has had a very interesting life. We’re one of the longest surviving working heavy metal acts and much of our lives have already been documented, but a lot of it hasn’t. I am a gay man leading a Heavy Metal Band for heavens sake! That right there screams for the silver screen. The groupie scenes should be very interesting.”

When first being approached with a rough draft of the script, Samuel L Jackson was quoted as saying…


“Who the motherf*ck is Rob Halford? I don’t know a G*d damn thang about no Judas Priest! I listen to Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin! ‘Chain Of Fools’, Now that’s my jam MotherF*$#er!” – Sam Jackson

“I also had to hide being a gay guy like Freddie Mercury for all those years,” says Halford who only publicly revealed his homosexuality in 1998. “It’s a wonderful moment when you walk out of the closet,” he told LGBT magazine. “Now I’ve done that and I’ve freed myself. It’s a great feeling for me to finally let go and make this statement.”

29 Times Samuel L. Jackson Expertly Used The Word “Motherf—–“
29 Times Samuel L. Jackson Expertly Used The Word "Motherf-----"29 Times Samuel L. Jackson Expertly Used The Word "Motherf-----"

* Based on the satirical parody originally posted in Madhouse Magazine


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