Ozzy Osbourne Jewelry Heist

Ozzy Osbourne Jewelry Heist: Fights Off Intruders


Ozzy Osbourne Jewelry Heist: Heavy Metal Legend Had To Tackle Intruder In A Fight For Whats Right!

Join us as we flashback to 2004 when Ozzy and family were robbed blind in the mansion they just purchased.

Ozzy Osbourne found himself grappling with a burglar during the 2004 jewelry heist in his 18th century Gothic-style home.


Ozzy Osbourne Jewelry Heist

After the masked intruders escaped with over $2.5M in jewelry, The Osbournes felt they really needed to step up security at all of their homes.

The Ozzman has since installed a string of new measures including 24-hour security guards.

Sharon Osbourne also spoke of adding laser “tripwires”, guard dogs and watchtowers dotted around all the properties.

A source said: “Ozzy was shocked and angry. He couldn’t understand how what he thought was a perfect security system had failed.”

The Ozzy Osbourne jewelry heist took place at the family’s British home at around 4am.

Ozzy Osbourne Jewelry Heist

The raiders used a ladder to gain entry to Osbournes $6m estate at Seer Green, near Chalfont St Peter, Bucks.

Sharon and Ozzy stated they expected things like this to happen in Los Angeles but never in any of their UK homes.

Ozzy had woke to visit the bathroom and stumbled into a burglar, wearing a light jacket and trainers pants.

Another intruder fled when Ozzy, who has not fully recovered from serious injuries suffered in a quad bike accident a year earlier, entered the room.

“Fucking nutter was collecting jewelry in our home, including Sharon’s wedding set she placed next to our bed.” – Ozzy Osbourne

The rocker courageously grabbed the burglar in a headlock as he tried to escape out of a first floor window. Ozzy eventually let him fall to the ground. Despite the property being fitted with video cameras, CCTV and infra-red detection devices…

The robber and his accomplice managed to evade every security detail to commit the burglary.

The break-in left the famed couple devastated. Sharon Osbourne offered up a $150K reward to anyone who returned the stolen items – including a ‘survival’ ring she purchased after beating cancer.

Sharon said: “It hurts me that they took away memories that are special to us, I want those things back. I don’t care how – just please give them back!”

No loss was ever claimed to their insurance company, and no items were ever returned.

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