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Has Ozzy Osbourne Been Shooting Animals At His L.A Mansion?

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Ozzy Osbourne has faced a massive backlash after he said it was “good fun” taking potshots at cats and birds that wandered into his garden at his Los Angeles home during lockdown.

Has Ozzy Osbourne Been Shooting Animals At His L.A Mansion? 1

Despite Ozzy Osbourne having a great love for his dogs, the famed rocker has had a troubled past with animals. He famously grabbed front page headlines, when bit the head off a bat head while on stage in 1982. This followed him chomping on a dove while on tour in 1981 and snorting a line of ants on a drugged fueled bet.

Talking about his latest animal showdown, Ozzy Osbourne supposedly told a radio station: “It gets me out of my head, man. We are saying supposedly because deep as we’ve dug, we failed to find any audio of such U.K radio show interview reported by all the major players across the pond. Anyway, here is what “they said” he said…

“When I am in my house, I worry I never am going to walk properly. When I first started this thing, I could not shoot. Now there’s dead cats (and) birds every minute.” – Ozzy Osbourne

It was also reported that when asked what happens to the animals when he starts shooting, Ozzy replied simply: “They f*** off.”

The ex Black Sabbath vocalist admitted that he found the activity ‘good fun’, but due to his battle with Parkinson’s Disease, his ‘aim’ has been really bad, meaning that most of the time, the small animals have been able to escape Ozzy’s attack.

Although Osbourne spares the small animals their lives, Ozzy revealed that he shoots in their direction in the hope that they will “f**k off out of his garden”.

After hearing of Ozzy’s disturbing lockdown past time, fans flocked to social media to share their thoughts.

“Ozzy Osbourne should be so ashamed of himself. Promoting violence against animals is just not okay, especially given the fact he’s in the public eye and has such a massive following,”

“Admitting to shooting at cats and birds because it kept him ‘sane’ in lockdown. No sir, you must be INSANE to do that to a poor defenseless animal.”

“Ozzy Osbourne does not pass the vibe check. How cruel do you have to be to that to an innocent animal who is just going about their day. Those poor creatures.”

Ozzy Osbourne Vs. a stray cat…
Ozzy Osbourne Vs. a stray cat...

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Has Ozzy Osbourne Been Shooting Animals At His L.A Mansion? 2  

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