Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne Among Britain’s Richest Musicians


Ozzy Osbourne has been mentioned among England’s wealthiest musicians in a recent list compiled by our friends at Business Insider.

Ozzy Osbourne and wife Sharon have been ranked Number 17 on the annual Sunday Times Rich List.

Ozzy Osbourne

Heavy Metal Legend, Ozzy Osbourne has been highlighted as one the 36 wealthiest musicians in England.

The List calculates the wealth of the 1,000 richest people in Britain based on “identifiable wealth,” including land, property, assets such as art and racehorses, and significant public company stock shares.

It does not, however, include the shit-piles of cash in private bank accounts!

Ozzy Osbourne

The Osbourne’s are worth approximately $196 million (U.S Dollars), a tad bit more than members of Led Zeppelin and Queen, Ozzy & Sharon are also higher on the list than contemporary pop artists like Adele and Ed Sheeran.

Wife/manager Sharon does still have her work cut-out to either “Keep Up With” or surpass “The Jones'”…
The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, U2, Elton John and others all ranked much higher than the Osbourne estate.
Ozzy grew up poor, he once mentioned that he used to think having no money was the cause of all his family’s problems: “I grew up in a poor part of Birmingham, in a place called Aston, and I used to sit there thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it great if this happened…’ and ‘Wouldn’t it be great if my dad won the lottery…’ I thought all the family hardship was caused over lack of money, you know. And that’s not the case.”
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The Almighty Dollar

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Other more than notable mentions, including number one on the Rich List:
12. Eric Clapton (Cream) — $233 million.
12. Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) — $233 million.
6. Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones) — $325 million.
1. Sir Paul McCartney (The Beatles) — $1.8 billion.
Ozzy Osbourne Among Britain's Richest Musicians 1  

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