Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne Film Is In The Works

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are now planning on doing a film about their early courtship.


Sharon Osbourne has made no bones about being the ultimate driving force behind her husband’s career, including launching the wildly successful Ozzfest music festival, managing his musical career, and handling his merchandising and concert schedules. And then there is the fact she has stayed with the man who has more-than tested their relationship through various points of their lives together.

Now she is hard at work on a number of further Ozzy-related projects, including writing a book about “infidelity and what it does to people,” and a film about those “intoxicating days” when Ozzy was wildly pursuing her.

She tells Variety: “It starts the day we meet and will focus on how our lives were totally different but very similar in ways: I was brought up by a powerful, successful father, ­(the late, famously tough Black Sabbath/Small Faces/ELO manager) Don Arden — and Ozzy was brought up extremely poor and perhaps abused.

“It’s definitely going to be a tearjerker. It’s not going to be a sex-and-drugs movie by any means. Ozzy is so much more than that. I would hate it to be a cliché.”


So far a screenplay hasn’t been sold, but we sincerely doubt too many film studios will pass up the opportunity to create this.

I only have one suggestion though: I’d love this to be a ten-part Netflix series rather than a movie.

Ozzy Osbourne And Lita Ford – Close My Eyes Forever (HQ)
Ozzy Osbourne And Lita Ford - Close My Eyes Forever (HQ)Ozzy Osbourne And Lita Ford - Close My Eyes Forever (HQ)


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