Pantera Christmas Sweater

Pantera Christmas Sweater Gets Front Page News

Albuquerque, New Mexico: Heavy Metal Mayor Tim Keller Wears Pantera Christmas Sweater To Sign Bill For Paid Paternity Leave.

The Badass Pantera Christmas Sweater Was Gifted To Mayor Keller By None Other Than Bassist Rex Brown.

Albuquerque, New Mexico Mayor Tim Keller, a longtime Heavy Metal  fan who has attended countless gigs and has even introduced Anthrax and Trivium onstage!

Pantera Christmas Sweater

Not a single metalhead should leave 2018 behind without giving “The Metal Horns” to this fucking legend of a mayor, Tim Keller!

“Albuquerque has always been pretty strong on the heavy metal front.” – Mayor Keller

Tim proudly ROCKED his Pantera Christmas Sweater at a bill-signing ceremony last week.

Watch all the Metal Splendor as it unfolded in the video below!

As reported by The Albuquerque Journal — The bill signed Thursday gives extended parental leave to city employees—up to 12 weeks.

The bill makes Albuquerque the first city in New Mexico to extend such benefits to its municipal employees.

In a tweet, the Mayor personally thanked bassist Rex Brown for gifting him the rad-ass Pantera Christmas sweater.

“Hats off to buddy & Mayor Tim Keller!! Hella of a guy…” – Rex Brown

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