Retired Couple

Retired Couple Sued For Blasting Iron Maiden


Stockholm, Sweden – A retired couple living in a quiet retirement community has reportedly been sued for playing Iron Maiden too loud – blasphemous, right?

As the old saying goes, “if it’s too loud, you’re too old!” However, this retired couple have proven that there are no age restrictions on totally rocking out.

Apparently The 81-year-old man and his 71-year-old wife felt that their new neighbor disturbed them with some annoying sounds. That’s when the retired couple decided to take revenge. They pointed their stereo speakers toward the neighbor and played Iron Maiden, twisted the volume “up to eleven!”

Other neighbors noted that the issues started in October when the new neighbors arrived and their sex life was too loud. It was reported to the police on several occasions that the new couple would “go at it all night” –  keep in mind, this is a retirement community. Much Respect!

When police responded to the music disturbance,  they had resorted to forced entry tactics since the retired couple refused to answer police commands to open the front door. We’re guessing they couldn’t hear them, you know on account of “The Prisoner” blaring loudly. Thankfully no shots were fired.

Records showed the couple was reportedly charged with harassment and the lawsuit was later dropped.

“The harassment has just continued, I am completely devastated. How can I stay?” – the neighbor asked, describing the noise levels as “pure terror”.

While the neighbor claims that a stereo system was angled towards their house from the retired couple’s balcony, police noted that a separate sound system was found in the bedroom, also directed towards the neighbor’s property.

“We wanted to show the neighbor how loud it sounded,” the 71-year-old explained, with her husband adding, “We just wanted to give back a little.”
Iron Maiden- The Prisoner
Iron Maiden - The Prisoner (Remastered 2021)Iron Maiden - The Prisoner (Remastered 2021)

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