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Robin Williams Once Jumped Into Bed With Sharon Osbourne

Yes, you heard right, Robin Williams once jumped into the sack with Sharon Osbourne and husband Ozzy was the person who set it all up!

Ozzy Osbourne once enlisted beloved funnyman Robin Williams to help his wife and long time manager Sharon in her battle with colon cancer.

Comedic legend Robin Williams and heavy metal founding father Ozzy Osbourne might not be the most obvious pairing, but Ozzy held Robin in extreme high regard. While Sharon was fighting colon cancer back in 2002, Ozzy decided to contact Robin Williams because of the impact the Patch Adams film had on so many, in the film, Williams played a doctor who helped people cope with their conditions using comedy. Ozzy figured Williams might be able to pull off some of that same silver screen magic on his wife in real life, and Robin indeed dropped everything to do just that.

When Williams knocked on the front door of the Osbourne’s residence, Sharon was quite unaware, she thought she might have been hallucinating from all the medication that had been pumped into her. Unsure what to really say, she asked Williams: “Does Ozzy know you’re here?” Robin replied: “Shh! No, he doesn’t, and don’t tell him!”

The Mork and Mindy star then jumped in the bed with Sharon, who immediately forgot all her troubles and started laughing hysterically. Williams ended up staying with Sharon for the next two hours, and according to daughter Kelly Osbourne, this may actually have saved her life. She had been stubbornly avoiding treatment and losing her will to fight on, but after Robin’s visit she went back to chemotherapy — and survived.

The entire Osbourne family were thoroughly moved by the actor’s warm-heartedness. After Robin Williams died, Ozzy Osbourne gave this quote straight from a Valentine’s Day card: “Forever and a day, I will love that man.”

Iron Maiden also gave Robin Williams a big salute on the their 2015 double album The Book Of Souls when Steve Harris and guitarist Adrian Smith put to paper the song Tears Of A Clown. The near five minute track was inspired by the severe but always hidden depression suffered by Robin Williams before he took his own life as a consequence on August 11th, 2014.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Steve Harris handed the lyrics to Bruce Dickinson at Guillaume Tell Studios, Paris and said “Here, sing this.” Dickinson read through and found the lyrical content to be nothing short of brilliant, Bruce then asked Steve “What’s this about?” When Harris explained it was about the funnyman, Dickinson was floored.

Listen: Iron Maiden – Tears of a Clown
Iron Maiden - Tears of a Clown [Lyrics]Iron Maiden - Tears of a Clown [Lyrics]


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