Nicko McBrain Drum Kit

Nicko McBrain Iron Maiden Drum Kit Stolen In Florida

Nicko McBrain Needs Your Help To Recover His Stolen Iron Maiden Drum Kit!

Back at the start of the year, some of Nicko’s drums were stolen from his studio in Florida.

Thanks to some brilliant detective work from a few Iron Maiden fans, they’ve been able to recover some of what was taken. Unfortunately, there are still a few items out there with huge personal and historical value to both Nicko McBrain and Iron Maiden.

If you know anything about what may have happened to them…

Please let Nicko know by emailing

Very distinctive ‘Dance of Death’ Kit

Paiste custom painted Gong, 24 inch bass drum, 18 x 16 Floor Tom.
Paiste signature cymbals all with Paiste logo in the Maiden font.
Whole road case – at least 40 cymbals – as used on the tour was stolen.
Sonor Vintage ‘Red Ripple’ Complete Kit
24×16 bass drum. 13 tom, 16, 18 floor toms, 61/2 x 14 snare (custom tom mount on the bass drum).
Camco Black High Gloss Lacquer Kit
26 x14 bass drum. 14, 15, 16 toms, 20 floor tom. All hardware is Sonor signature (BD and FT).

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