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Vince Neil: My Daughters Ghost Came To Save Me


Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil reveals the spirit of his deceased daughter prevented him from committing suicide.

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In an interview with TV show Celebrity Ghost Stories, Neil explained that he was consuming large amounts of pills and alcohol to cope with his daughter Skylar’s death, who lost her battle with cancer in 1995 at the age of 4.

Vince Neil On Celebrity Ghost Stories
My Daughters Ghost Came To Save MeMy Daughters Ghost Came To Save Me

“After we buried her I sedated myself on pills and alcohol. I couldn’t take it.  For months I really tried to kill myself. I wanted to die. It went on for two years after she passed away – I was in eight or nine rehabs. I felt she was waiting for me, and the only place I wanted to go was to her.” That’s when Vince Neil says Skylar’s spirit came to visit him.

Vince Neil

“One night I was lying in bed with her blanket, still wanting to die. I was sound asleep – and there was a little tug on the blanket. I woke up, opened my eyes and the door was open. “I was scared. I didn’t know what was going on – but it was her.” – Neil

Vince Neil – Skylar`s Song
Vince Neil - Skylar`s SongVince Neil - Skylar`s Song

“I would have been willing to lay down my own life if it would have helped. I had never thought anything like that before – not about my wives, not about my parents, not about anybody. Perhaps that was why I was trying to kill myself with drink, so that somehow I could martyr myself and exchange my suffering for hers.”

According to the Vince Neil, Skylar came back to spend time with him every day for about two weeks, and the experience turned his life around.

Who was Skylar’s mother?

Vince Neil and Sharise Ruddell

In April 1987, Vince Neil married mud wrestler and fashion model, Sharise Ruddell. Four years later, the pair had their first and only child together – their daughter, Skylar. Shortly after Skylar was born, Vince and Sharise divorced. Neil then started dating Playboy Playmate Heidi Mark – who later became his second wife.


Vince Neil

Vince Neil with Heidi Mark


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