Why Is Trump

Why Is Trump Wearing A Dokken Shirt At A Strip Club?

So, why IS Trump wearing a Dokken t-shirt at a Tampa, Florida strip club?

Well, to be perfectly honest I can’t remember exactly why we made this Image of Donald Trump in a Dokken Shirt. Nor do we know why he looks like he’s on parole for selling steroids to a minor. But I’m pretty sure we had fun, I think? OMG, this is just turning into a real shit-fest of questions.

Last night the boys and I went on what one of my ex wives (can’t remember which one) liked to refer to as “one of my whore-chasing, hope you end up dead somewhere, don’t even call me if you land in jail, binge drinking sessions” and apparently, at some point before 4:30am, we made the image you see above.

It also could have been our friend Mitch, the general contractor (for whom we won’t mention because his girlfriend need not know he was at another strip-club) always being worried about photographic evidence that triggered us into pasting The Donald’s mug over his?

Now, mind you, I have absolutely no recollection of ever doing this, but apparently we found it hella funny enough to send it to my boss.

Turns out, that he also found it pretty hysterical and started sending me threatening emails at 4:30am, basically demanding that I turn it into an article. For the last hour I have been going through my emails/text messages and I simply can’t find any record of our conversation, so I have no idea what the hell I’m supposed to be writing about.

Ear Nibbling Which Cost Me $200.00

It just seems so weirdly specific, I mean why Dokken? I didn’t hear them being played at the club and I know pretty much nothing about them. I couldn’t name one of their songs if my life depended on it and I’m not aware of any deal they have going with the President. Nothing against the band personally, but there could have been a half million other better known bands I could have selected. I mean, even a Pink Floyd shirt would have made much more sense, yeah? The Wall?

I’m guessing the image on its own was funny enough, but I think my boss could have at least been somewhat nice about this. I’m supposed to conjure up 400+ words from what is essentially a moronic meme? I had emailed him asking to just scrap the whole idea, but he insisted that this was one of the best headlines I’ve ever come up with. Maybe he’s punishing me for pitching this in the first place? Well, anyway, that should be more than enough words to avoid getting demoted, or even worse, fired.

Sorry for the torture you had to endure in reading this, just so I can keep my job.

Fables are Awesome!

"Master Of Trumppets"

Trumptallica – "Master Of Trumppets"

Posted by Vintage Heavy Metal on Friday, March 22, 2019


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