Bruce Dickinson Isolated Vocals

Bruce Dickinson Isolated Vocals: The Clairvoyant

Iron Maiden fans need to hear the metal tenors tremendous technique, range and power on this Bruce Dickinson isolated vocals track.

What sets Bruce Dickinson apart is that the man can truly sing powerfully and in tune minus the studio tricks that modern day pop stars use to cover their vocal flaws.

What can we say about the ‘Air-raid Siren’ that hasn’t already been said? The man is a polymath and Renaissance Man, he is an accomplished airline pilot, champion fencer, author and historian, as well as being the singer in the world’s most successful heavy metal band.

Here is a person who is widely respected outside the heavy metal community for his intellect and media-savvy, as well as being a brilliant singer.

Enough, we don’t care if you read another line of text on this post just so long as you don’t cheat yourself of this masterful vocal performance…So, pop-in your ear-buds, click the play button and be blown away for the next two minutes and thirty seven seconds!

Listen To “Bruce Dickinson Isolated Vocals: The Clairvoyant”

Bruce Dickinson Clairvoyant Isolated Vocal TrackBruce Dickinson Clairvoyant Isolated Vocal Track

Iron Maiden · The Clairvoyant · Lyrics

Feel the sweat break on my brow
Is it me or is it shadows that are
Dancing on the walls.
Is this dream or is it now
Is this a vision or normality I see
Before my eyes.

I wonder why I wonder how
That it seems the powers getting stronger
Every day
I feel a strength an inner fire
But I’m scared I won’t be able to control it anymore

There’s a time to live and a time to die
When it’s time to meet the maker
There’s time to live but isn’t it strange
That as soon as you’re born you’re dying.

Just by looking through your eyes
He could see the future penetrating right
In through your mind
See the truth and see your lies
But for all his power couldn’t foresee his own demise

There’s time to live and time to die
When it’s time to meet the maker
There’s time to live but isn’t it strange
That as soon as you’re born you’re dying…
…and reborn again??

What has set Bruce Dickinson apart as a singer is the level of commitment and intensity in what the man does. He never sings halfheartedly, and performs with a seemingly indefatigable energy. Also, in contrast to many rock and pop vocalist, he actually brings a broad palette of colors and dynamics to the art.

Bruce also incorporates a certain amount of ‘raspiness’ into his sound, but it is never forced or strained. He has total command over his instrument at all times.

Bruce Dickinson Isolated Vocals

Of course Dickinson is no longer 29-years-old as he was when recording the Iron Maiden Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son LP but he has still maintained a timbral brilliance and emotional connection with his craft.

Bruce Dickinson Isolated Vocals

His vocal range has sunk a little with age (now 63 years-young),and despite his battle with throat cancer (a disease for which he kicked squarely in the nuts),Bruce Dickinson still performs with the same level of passion and energy he had in his 20’s!


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