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Dave Mustaine And James Hetfield In Love Again


Dave Mustaine, the original lead guitarist and co-founder of Metallica, before he was fired from the band in 1983 for problems with drugs, alcohol and clashing with James Hetfield and the rest of the band. Dave went on to form Megadeth and much has been written about their ‘feud’ ever since.

Mustaine also took aim at Metallica over the shelved release of the expanded version of Metallica’s 1982 demo tape ‘No Life ‘Til Leather’.

“I’m not gonna give Lars my credit, so I’m not gonna be part of it, I wrote all of ‘Mechanix’, I wrote all of ‘Jump In The Fire’, so me giving any percentage of that to Lars Ulrich, he can pound sand. And as far as the song ‘Phantom Lord’, I wrote every note of that music, James Hetfield wrote all the lyrics. That’s 50/50.

James Hetfield and Metallica in general, have also had their issues with alcohol. Metallica fans were also recently informed of show cancellations when James again checked himself into rehab.

But now Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine and Metallica’s James Hetfield have seemed to have buried the hatchet following Mustaine’s cancer diagnosis. Dave had stepped out of the spotlight back in May, when he was first diagnosed with cancer. Dave told Rolling Stone in a recent phone interview that his former bandmate James Hetfield was the first to reach out and offer his support to the ailing Mustaine.

“I love James and I know that James loves me”. – Dave Mustaine


Dave also discusses all the friends in his music circles that had reached out to him:

Rolling Stone: When you announced your diagnosis, there was an incredible outpouring from your fans and peers. That had to have felt good.

A lot came from people that I knew but I didn’t know cared. Most notably, I got a text message back from my old brother, James Hetfield, and I was so, so happy to hear from him. Contrary to what anybody says and contrary to any of the act that we put on, I love James and I know that James loves me and cares about me. You can see that when the moment of truth is here and I’m telling the world that I’ve got a life-threatening disease. Who comes to stand next to me? James.

And I got a text message from Ozzy, and one from Paul Stanley. It was great to get one from Ozzy; I didn’t expect it from Paul Stanley. That was super bitchin’ because in the beginning, when Kiss first came out, I was just a kid and I loved them.

I’m really grateful for everybody. Even the people who have a hard time with my behavior and my big mouth, I’m just so grateful for them showing care for me. Like they say, at the end of the day, all we’ve got is each other here in this crazy metal community. You can read that entire interview here



In closing; We would like to wish Mr. Mustaine a full and speedy recovery. Also thanks to both men for reminding us that life is simply too f*cking short to carry the negativity of a grudge. Best wishes to all