5 Things About Metallica You May Not Have Known

James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich came from different worlds to form Metallica in the L.A. suburbs in 1981. Hetfield’s father owned a trucking company and his mother was a light-opera singer, he was raised in a strict Christian Science home. Ulrich, a recently transplanted Dane, had intended to become a professional tennis player like his father, Torben Ulrich.

The following are 5 facts only the loyalist of Metallica fans may know

The Recycler


Metallica was formed in Los Angeles in 1981 when Lars Ulrich placed an advertisement in local newspaper The Recycler. It read, “Drummer looking for other metal musicians to jam with Tygers of Pan Tang, Diamond Head, and Iron Maiden.” James Hetfield responded and the band was officially formed later that year in October.

Metal Mania or Metallica?

The band now needed a name and Ulrich was talking to his friend Ron Quintana, who was brainstorming names for his San Francisco fanzine. Quintana had proposed the names Metal Mania and Metallica for his fanzine and Lars convinced him to go with Metal Mania so he could use Metallica as the band name.

Ride The (Green) Lightning

The band released its second album, Ride the Lightning, on July 27, 1984. The French record label Bernett Records misprinted the color of the album cover in green, rather than blue. Four hundred copies with the green cover were pressed and are now considered collector’s items.

The Black Album

Metallica, also known as the Black Album, was remixed three times, cost $1 million, and ended three marriages. Released August 12, 1991, it debuted at Number 1 in ten countries, selling 650,000 units in the U.S. during its first week. The album has sold over 16 million copies in the U.S. since its release.

Through The Never

In 2013, the band starred in a 3D concert film titled Metallica: Through the Never. The film was released in IMAX theaters across the United States on September 27, 2013, the 27th anniversary of former Metallica bassist Cliff Burton’s death.

 Through The Never – “Master of Puppets” 

Metallica Through the Never master of puppets

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