Nicko Actually Replaced Clive During TNOTB

We know what you’re thinking: Are you nuts? Nicko replaced Clive Burr starting with Piece of Mind!

Many Maiden fans will be saying, “We were all there during The Beast on the Road Tour and the man on the drum riser was Clive Burr and definitely NOT Nicko McBrain”.


But some of the fanatical Iron Maiden following may have already been aware of the fact that McBrain’s Maiden live performance debut actually occurred before 1983’s “Piece Of Mind” was ever recorded.

This live performance took place on Belgian television with Nicko McBrain disguised as Maiden’s ever enduring mascot Eddie. Nicko was brought in to cover for Clive Burr who had to sit out due to health problems, Manager Rod Smallwood thought “None The Wiser” and told none of the T.V producers that he planned on throwing Nicko on the stool wearing an Eddie mask.

The Belgian Rock Follies program was approached in February 82′ by Maiden management in a effort to promote the upcoming album The Number Of The Beast, which would be released in March of that year. That is why the hit single “Run To The Hills” was played.

Clive Burr continued with Iron Maiden until December, and attended the Reading Festival in August 1982.


The Reading Festival set-list was as follows…

Murders in the Rue Morgue, Wrathchild, Run to the Hills, Children of the Damned, The Number of the Beast, 22 Acacia Avenue (with drum solo),Transylvania, The Prisoner, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Phantom of the Opera, Iron Maiden. Encore Included: Running Free,  Sanctuary, Drifter, Tush (ZZ Top cover with Blackfoot)

Watch Nicko Play Killers & Run To The Hills Disguised As Eddie
Nicko McBrain Performing In Eddie Mask
Nicko McBrain Performing In Eddie MaskNicko McBrain Performing In Eddie Mask

Footnote; A bootleg soon churned up from this telecast called “Nicko’s Follies”.


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