The Night Ozzy Handed Jake E. Lee The Torch

In 1984, Ozzy Osbourne offered the spotlight to a young Jake E. Lee during Suicide Solution and to put it simply, Jake Crushed It!


Lee was once asked if he “clicked” with Ozzy on a personal level.

“We definitely were different types of people,” he said. “And I’m sure that had a lot to do with it. I mean, I don’t know personally what Ozzy’s relationship with Randy was like, but from the outside it looked like they were brothers. Ozzy and I, we never connected on anything more than, ‘Here’s a song, let’s play it.’ We never became friends. We never bonded. We worked well together, but I think maybe at some point Ozzy wanted to get a deeper connection with his guitar player. And he obviously got that with Zakk Wylde, because they spent a lot of years together.

Jake E. Lee’s killer improvised guitar solo!

I was surprised to be let go. I didn’t see it coming at all. In fact, it was my roommate, who was my tech at the time, who told me I was out of the band. He came back from the Rainbow one night and he said, ‘Everybody’s talking about how you just got fired.’ So I called up Sharon, and I was like, ‘I just heard the weirdest rumor.’ She said, ‘Oh, my god. It’s true, it’s true.’ I went, ‘I’m fired?’ And she said, ‘Yes.’ My whole world got turned upside down.” – Jake E. Lee

Jake explains:  Guitarist get “Bark at the Moon” wrong!

Jake E. Lee is undoubtedly one of the greatest!

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