Randy Rhoads Guitar Solo

Randy Rhoads Guitar Solo “Laughing Gas” 1979

“Laughing Gas” was never recorded in studio by Quiet Riot. The song was written solely to showcase the dynamic Randy Rhoads Guitar Solo grandeur to live audiences.

Listen below to the amazing Randy Rhoads guitar solo filmed in 1979 at the Starwood in Hollywood, CA.

The Randy Rhoads guitar solo featured in “Laughing Gas” outlined the 22-year-old’s talent and productivity level.

When Ozzy Osbourne was dismissed from Black Sabbath following the release of  Never Say Die, many people believed the metal legend would never make it on his own.

However, with his first solo effort, 1980’s Blizzard of Ozz, Osbourne completely silenced the doubters.

Randy Rhoads Guitar Solo

It was one of the more astounding career comebacks in heavy metal history—but he didn’t do it alone. Ozzy certainly hit the jackpot with guitar virtuoso Randy Rhoads, who was not only a remarkable musician and songwriter but also a true innovator.

Even when the guitar world was still feeling the tremors of Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption,” Randy’s epic playing, killer riffs and heavily neo-classical-influenced solos on tracks like “Crazy Train,” “Suicide Solution” and “Mr. Crowley” helped him stand apart from all others.

Rhoads’ time with Ozzy may have pushed him into the mainstream, but it wasn’t Randy’s first gig. A valuable part of Quiet Riot since 1975, recording two albums and clocking up hundreds of live performances, he already was a true veteran of the hard rock/heavy metal scene.

The clip shows Randy in action at one such performance from 1979, where he can be seen treating the audience to a monster unaccompanied guitar solo that highlights his unique meld of classical, fusion, jazz and hard rock influences.

The full set was filmed at the Starwood in Hollywood. Rhoads had already appeared there several times before. Luckily, this particular night was captured on film.

Randy Rhoads Guitar Solo

Randy Rhoads died March 19, 1982, in a plane crash in Leesburg, Florida. However, more than 30 years after his death, his style, technique, tone and songwriting remain just as influential and will no doubt continue to inspire generations.

Hear the Entire 10 Minutes, It Will Stay With You The Rest Of Your days.
Randy Rhoads Laughing Gas Extended Solo
Randy Rhoads Laughing Gas Extended SoloRandy Rhoads Laughing Gas Extended Solo


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