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Thrash Metal Kept Alive By 3 Young Brothers: Hammerhedd

Meet Hammerhedd – Don’t let their young faces fool you, these three thrash metal loving, brothers sound surprisingly brutal!

There is definitely hope for the future of American-Born Thrash Metal, thanks to Hammerhedd.

Before you get into the details, you must have a listen to their self-taught drummer, Eli, this kid is a BEAST!

Hammerhedd - Sepultura MedleyHammerhedd - Sepultura Medley

The boys first gained notoriety when someone shot a short cell phone video of the band playing a Metallica cover outside the Country Club Plaza in their home town.

That video was posted to Facebook and immediately Henry, Eli and Abe went viral. Their mother, Bridget Ismert was grocery shopping when she received a text message from a friend that changed her family’s life!

“You might want to check the internet, the friend wrote. I think people are trying to find the boys.” – Ismert family friend

And just like that, it seemed like the entire world was looking for her sons. “My heart dropped,” Bridget Ismert said.

Bridget sent a quick Facebook message to the woman who posted the video, identified herself as the boys’ mom and politely asked her to not make her son’s names made public. Mom also quickly set her social media pages to private. But it was not quick enough, the video had already reached Metallica themselves, James Hetfield commented on the video, praising the boys, James then had the people running Metallica’s Facebook fan page share the video. When lead singer/guitarist Henry Ismert seen on his own Facebook feed what Metallica had shared, his mind was blown!

The huge amount of attention had all but staggered their mother. Until she realized that thousands of public comments being made about her children were mostly positive… “it kind of felt like people were watching our house that first night because we were so out there,” – Mom

And then “America’s Got Talent” called. So did Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show. No thank you, no thank you. Bridget politely declined their requests.

“We kind of turned down everyone national,” we would like to keep the boys local.”

Metallica fans are still trying to find out if the band ever personally contacted the boys, Nope.

“That would be cool if they did, but we haven’t made it super easy for them to find us,” Mom said.

The brothers are all three self taught musicians, inspired by Metallica, Gojira, Demolition Hammer, Meshuggah, Vektor, and many others.

We also posted Hammerhedd performing an original thrash metal piece in the family garage, it too went viral!
Hammerhedd Live - Original SongHammerhedd Live - Original Song

Since then, Hammerhedd have released their first album, “Essence of Iron” and are currently working in the studio on their second release.

Listen to the Hammerhedd Single, “Restoration”

Hammerhedd - "Restoration"Hammerhedd - "Restoration"



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