Wendy Dio: “We Are Doing A Dio Documentary”

Wendy Dio recently spoke about an upcoming Ronnie James Dio documentary to be released by BMG Music.

January 23rd – Anaheim, California: The Blairing Out With Eric Blair Show caught up with Wendy Dio at this years annual Hall Of Heavy Metal History at the Marriott Delta Garden Grove.

Ronnie James Dio

“I’m actually interviewing producers and directors, it has to be perfect, the way Ronnie would want it. I was talking with a label that I won’t mention about four years ago, but the direction they wanted to take it in was not what I… I want it to be Ronnie, real Ronnie. And you know true, real Ronnie and not drugs, sex and rock and roll, ’cause that’s not what he was about. So I want stories from bands that he played with, from people that looked up to him, from his old friends, his old bandmates, just so that it’s true.” – Wendy Dio

When Wendy Dio was asked if she has archival footage of Ronnie James Dio, that people have never seen, She replied: “I do. I have a lot of stuff that nobody’s ever seen… Some of the footage, of course, was done on Super 8, so we have to figure out how it’s gonna come out. But I think even if it’s a little blurry, people will still wanna see it. I mean, we’ll bake them and we’ll do the best we can with everything. There’s some stuff that’s so old, but it’s worth being in the documentary, and it shouldn’t be taken away.”

According to Wendy Dio, the documentary should be available to fans some time in 2020.

You Can Watch The Interview Here:

Wendy Dio & Eric Blair talk future Dio documentary Hall Of Heavy Metal History
Wendy Dio Eric InterviewWendy Dio Eric Interview

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