If “Alice In Chains” Wrote “Master Of Puppets”

Have you ever wondered what “Master of Puppets” WOULD? have sounded like if Alice In Chains were to have written the thrash metal masterpiece instead of Metallica?

No you say? Well, we never have either. But one seemingly wacky but talented Alice In Chains inspired Youtuber has!

Denis Pauna has decided to re-write the Metallica classic “Master Of Puppets” as if the original Alice In Chains wrote the track, but this isn’t some bumbling mess of a mash-up. Pauna pulled no stops on his rendition of the composition.

The “New Puppets Version” is nearly 10 minutes long and is absolutely rich with “Chains” signature slow “doominess.”

What really pulls off Denis‘ recreation is that he pretty much nails the late great Layne Staley’s vocals!


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  If "Alice In Chains" Wrote "Master Of Puppets" 1
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