Black Sabbath Christmas

Black Sabbath Christmas: Santa Sabbath Band

After Hearing This Black Sabbath Christmas Cover Band, Santa Sabbath, They’ll Go Right On Your Nice List!

We’ve all heard of the Sabbath fan arrested in Madison, Wisconsin after the bartender rejected his jukebox selection. And after hearing these Black Sabbath Christmas songs, you’ll think it be mandatory all taverns carry these tracks!

Black Sabbath Christmas

So, if you’ve been struggling to get into the Christmas spirit but have been stuck listening to the classic heavy metal readily available…

We’ve got your St. Nick Fix!

Santa Sabbath’s Self-Titled Track: Santa Sabbath

Santa Sabbath has put out an EP of Black Sabbath cover songs with the lyrics converted to be Christmas-themed, meaning you can absolutely play it the entire holiday season. Without pissing to many people off, Probably.

Santa Sabbath: Christmas Bloody Christmas

Santa Sabbath: Children of the Sleigh
We hope you’ve enjoyed these Santa Sabbath offerings, now be sure to grab a copy (or two or three) for yourself!

Black Sabbath Christmas

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