Black Sabbath Sweet Leaf Geezer Butler Isolated Bass Track

Black Sabbath: Must Hear Sweet Leaf Geezer Bass Track

Every heavy metal fan needs to hear this Sweet Leaf isolated bass track laid down by the man who’s Black Sabbath lyrics changed the game, Geezer Butler!

Sweet Leaf is the opening track from the third Black Sabbath studio release Master Of Reality.

Besides Sweet Leaf being a perfect example of Geezer Butler’s legendary style and gritty technique, the song is simply heavy as shit!

Listen below as Geezer lays down the riffs with the fattest, nastiest tones his fingers could muster, complementing each with his signature fills.

Butler really starts smoking it in the instrumental section (2:30) ENJOY!

Black Sabbath   Sweet Leaf   Geezer ButlerBlack Sabbath Sweet Leaf Geezer Butler

This killer isolated bass track is from one of the most loved and celebrated songs permanently burned into the brains of Black Sabbath fans the world over: “Sweet Leaf”.

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