Daily Affirmations: Iron Maiden Lyrics To Live By

Few Heavy Metal Bands Are Able To Delve Deep Into History, Life, Literature and Psychology for Lyrics Quite Like Iron Maiden. Steve Harris, The Bands Galloping Bassist and Primary Song Writer Has Led The Charge Among His Fellow Song Writing Band Mates, All Bringing Inspiration From a Wide Range of Influences to Masterfully Craft Some of The Strongest and Thought Provoking Lyrics in Not Only Heavy Metal But The Entire Music Industry!


Here are Our Best Examples From The Vast Iron Maiden Catalog That Some Can See as… “Daily Affirmations/Lyrics To Live By”


Phantom Of The Opera: Iron Maiden (Album) – 1980

“And you know and I know that you ain’t got long now to last.
Your looks and your feelings are just the remains of your past.”
Phantom of the Opera (2015 - Remaster)Phantom of the Opera (2015 - Remaster)

Killers: Killers – 1981

“Another tomorrow, remember to walk in the light!”
Killers (1998 - Remaster)Killers (1998 - Remaster)

The Prisoner: The Number Of The Beast -1982

“I’m not a number, I’m a free man.
Live my life where I want to.”
The Prisoner (Edit) (1998 - Remaster)The Prisoner (Edit) (1998 - Remaster)

Flight of Icarus: Piece Of Mind (1983)

“As he spreads his wings and shouts at the crowd
In the name of God my father I fly!”
Iron Maiden - Flight Of Icarus (Official Video)Iron Maiden - Flight Of Icarus (Official Video)

Sun and Steel: Piece Of Mind (1983)

“Death in life is your ideal,
Life is like a wheel rolling on and on.”
Sun and Steel (2015 - Remaster)Sun and Steel (2015 - Remaster)

Die With Your Boots On: Piece Of Mind (1983)

“No point asking when it is,
No point asking who’s to go,
No point asking what’s the game,
No point asking who’s to blame,”
Die With Your Boots On (1998 - Remaster)Die With Your Boots On (1998 - Remaster)

Rime of The Ancient Mariner: Powerslave (1984)

“To teach God’s word by his own example
That we must love all things that God made.”
Rime of the Ancient Mariner (2015 - Remaster)Rime of the Ancient Mariner (2015 - Remaster)

Back In The Village: Powerslave (1984)

“Questions are a burden,
And answers are a prison for oneself.”
Back in the Village (2015 - Remaster)Back in the Village (2015 - Remaster)

Wasted Years: Somewhere In Time (1986)

“Don’t waste your time always searching for those wasted years,
Face up; make your stand and realize you’re living in the golden years.”


Iron Maiden - Wasted Years (Official Video)Iron Maiden - Wasted Years (Official Video)

The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner: Somewhere In Time (1986)

“I’ve got to keep going, be strong,
Must be so determined and push myself on.”


The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (2015 - Remaster)The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (2015 - Remaster)

Heaven Can Wait: Somewhere In Time (1986)

“I have a lust for the Earth below
And Hell itself is my only foe
‘Cause I’ve no fear of dying
I’ll go when I’m good and ready.”
Heaven Can Wait (2015 - Remaster)Heaven Can Wait (2015 - Remaster)

Can I Play With Madness: Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (1988)

“Give me the sense to wonder, to wonder if I’m free
Give me a sense of wonder, to know I can be me.”
Iron Maiden - Can I Play With Madness (Official Video)Iron Maiden - Can I Play With Madness (Official Video)

Infinite Dreams: Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (1988)

“I’d like to think that when I die,
I’d get a chance another time,
And to return and live again,
Reincarnate, play the game,
Again and again and again.”
Infinite Dreams (1998 - Remaster)Infinite Dreams (1998 - Remaster)

The Clairvoyant: Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (1988)

“There’s a time to live and a time to die,
When it’s time to meet the maker,
There’s time to live but isn’t it strange?
That as soon as you’re born you’re dying.”
Iron Maiden - The Clairvoyant (Donington '88)Iron Maiden - The Clairvoyant (Donington '88)

Fates Warning: No Prayer For The Dying (1990)

“Be it the devil or be it Him,
You can count on just one thing,
When the time is up you’ll know,
Not just one power runs the show.”
Fates Warning (1998 - Remaster)Fates Warning (1998 - Remaster)

Childhood’s End: Fear Of The Dark (1992)

“You see the full moon float
You watch the red sun rise
We take these things for granted
But somewhere someone’s dying.”
Childhood's End (2015 - Remaster)Childhood's End (2015 - Remaster)

Sign Of The Cross: The X Factor (1995) 

“Holding communion so the world be blessed
My creator, my God’ll lay my soul to rest.”
Sign of the CrossSign of the Cross

The Clansman: Virtual XI (1998)

“It is right to believe
In the need to be free
It’s a time when you die
And without asking why.”
The ClansmanThe Clansman

Blood Brothers: Brave New World (2000)

“Will we ever know what the answer to life really is?
Can you really tell me what life is?
Maybe all the things that you know that are precious to you
Could be swept away by fate’s own hand.”


Iron Maiden - Blood Brothers (En Vivo! Live in Santiago)Iron Maiden - Blood Brothers (En Vivo! Live in Santiago)

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate: Brave New World (2000)

“I will hope, my soul will fly, so I will live forever
Heart will die, my soul will fly, and I will live forever.”
The Thin Line Between Love and Hate (2015 - Remaster)The Thin Line Between Love and Hate (2015 - Remaster)

Wildest Dreams: Dance of Death (2003)

“When I’m feeling down and low,
I vow I’ll never be the same again,
I just remember what I am,
And visualise just what I’m gonna be.”
Iron Maiden - Wildest Dreams (Official Video)Iron Maiden - Wildest Dreams (Official Video)

Age Of Innocence: Dance Of Death (2003)

“So we can only get one chance, can we take it?
And we only got one life, can’t exchange it
Can we hold on to what we have, don’t replace it.”
Age of Innocence (2015 - Remaster)Age of Innocence (2015 - Remaster)

Different World: A Matter Of Life And Death (2006)

“I would like you to know,
When you see the simple things,
To appreciate this life,
It’s not too late to learn.”
Iron Maiden - Different WorldIron Maiden - Different World

Out Of The Shadows: A Matter Of Life And Death (2006)

“Oh there is beauty and surely there is pain,
But we must endure it to live again.”
Out of the Shadows (2015 - Remaster)Out of the Shadows (2015 - Remaster)

Starblind: The Final Frontier (2010)

“Take my eyes for what I’ve seen
I will give my sight to you
You are free to choose whatever
Life to live or life to lose.”
Starblind (2015 - Remaster)Starblind (2015 - Remaster)

The Man Who Would Be King: The Final Frontier (2010)

“Pushed himself to the limits,
He had to strive for all the harder things in life.
But what the cost to give in now?
His life, his time are the only things that he has.”
The Man Who Would Be King (2015 - Remaster)The Man Who Would Be King (2015 - Remaster)

The Great Unknown: The Book Of Souls (2015)

“Never ending the desires of men
It’ll never be the same or calm again
In a time of changing hearts
And great unknown
It’ll be the damnation and end of us all.”
The Great UnknownThe Great Unknown

The Red And The Black: The Book Of Souls (2015)

“Meanwhile we play the waiting game,
The clock is struck the horse is lame.
And when we think that this is done,
Chance your luck a four leafed one.”
The Red and the BlackThe Red and the Black


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