Hear Schenker Featuring Kirk Hammett 1

Hear Schenker Featuring Kirk Hammett

German guitar virtuoso Michael Schenker has paired up with Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett on the upcoming album ‘Resurrection’

Guitar virtuoso Michael Schenker — best known for his work with UFO and Scorpions — has teamed up with Metallica’s Kirk Hammett for a searing new track, “Heart and Soul.” The churning ripper is taken from Resurrection, the forthcoming album from the guitarist’s newly formed, aptly-named band Michael Schenker Fest. “Kirk is a fan that’s well known, but he has also become a friend,” Schenker says of his Big Four collaborator, who recorded his parts at Metallica’s Hawaii studio.Michael-Schenker

Schenker’s latest band reunites the German musician with various singers and musicians from bands past, with a lineup comprising Gary Barden, Graham Bonnett, Robin McAuley, and Doogie White; bassist Chris Glen, drummer Ted McKenna, guitarist and keyboard player Steve Mann. The band is set to hit the road next month for a North American tour behind Resurrection’s March 2nd release.Michael-Schenker

“I had been out of the machine for so long, but nothing scares me anymore,” Schenker explained. “From here onwards I’m just going to go for it.” He proposes that “In the future, we could call it the Ultimate Michael Schenker Fest, and have Klaus Meine and Phil Mogg sing on stage with us, or even on an album. Right now that seems far-fetched, but in the future, who knows? Time is running out very fast; let’s make the most of everybody being alive.”

Michael Schenker Featuring Kirk Hammett

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