Heaviest Metal Intros

Heaviest Metal Intros: We Pick The Top 5


Here Is Our Choice For The 5 Heaviest Metal Intros, Enjoy!

As with all list posted on Vintage Heavy Metal, they are often subject to argument and debate…

So with that said, let’s just dive right into the 5 heaviest metal intros of all time, shall we?

For the sake of the list, we’ll just say we are basing this on the opening few moments and riffs. The songs do not have to be the first track on an album. We’re simply talking about those devastating moments where your ears perk up, your heart seems to leap from your chest and your arms can hardly be contained from furiously air-guitaring and/or drumming – pick your poison, knowing that chaos is just about to kick off!

The purpose of a metal intro varies. Whether to shock you, lull you into that classic false sense of security, set a mood or simply show off the best your band has to offer – it is a very important decision when attempting to write a classic. These bands certainly nailed it.

Here are our 5 favorite of what we found to be, the heaviest metal intros….

And doing just 5 seemed to be just perfect, as otherwise Judas Priest, Ronnie James Dio and a few others would have also made it.

Black Sabbath – ‘War Pigs’

Black sabbath-War Pigs (lyrics)Black sabbath-War Pigs (lyrics)


Metallica – ‘Creeping Death’

Creeping DeathCreeping Death


Iron Maiden – Montségur

Iron Maiden - Montségur (HQ)Iron Maiden - Montségur (HQ)


Slayer – ‘Praise of Death

Slayer - Praise of DeathSlayer - Praise of Death


Pantera – ‘Psycho Holiday

Pantera - Psycho HolidayPantera - Psycho Holiday


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