Iron Maiden Destroys Network For Being Asked To Lip-Sync

Iron Maiden Were Asked To Lip-Sync For A TV Performance—The German Television Network Immediately Regrets It!

Iron Maiden Band

Everyone Hates Lip-Syncing, Including Iron Maiden!

Music Fans absolutely despise when musicians lip-sync. When an artist decides to lip-sync, they are robbing themselves and their fans of their true talent, and strongly discredit themselves. Over the years there have been many cases of lip-syncing performances gone bad, but none may compare to the disastrous one Iron Maiden bumbled back in 1986.

Iron Maiden were asked to perform Wasted Years on the German TV show P.I.T, but with a catch: the band had to lip-sync! Iron Maiden were not at all happy about this and decided to have a little fun during their set, and mess around. Band members made it as obvious as possible that they were lip-syncing and spent the song trading instruments, straying away from the microphones when vocal parts were needed, and were laughing through the whole thing! Nicko McBrain leaves his kit, the Steve Harris trades instruments with Dave Murray, and everyone gets a shot at “singing” over the vocal track.

Check out the hilariously entertaining video below, and prepare to laugh.

Ladies And Gentlemen; WASTED YEARS!