Highway To Hell

7-Year-Old Performs AC/DC’s Highway To Hell And KILLS IT


This video clip of young Jesús Del Río performing the AC/DC classic Highway To Hell is a must watch! 7-year-old Jesús delivered his outstanding vocal performance on a recent episode of the Spanish Television singing competition La Voz Kids (The Voice Kids).

Highway To Hell

Jesús Del Rio appeared on the Spanish TV version of the talent show, covering the AC/DC classic during the Blind Auditions phase and instantly wowing all the judges; in fact, after quickly hitting their buttons and turning their chairs around, they even went up to him, hugging him after the performance as they were thoroughly impressed.

The young Bon Scott, Highway To Hell reincarnated ended up picking Spanish singer Melendi as his coach going forward in the competition, with Del Rio making it to the next round of the show. And after this, they backed him all the way!

How in the hell is that voice coming from this little kid? Has anyone showed this to AC/DC?

The video of Jesús’ performance has already racked up more than 2.5 million views on YouTube so far, and for damn good reason.

Watch the clip below:

Jesús del Rio – Highway to Hell
Jesús del Río canta 'Highway to Hell' | Audiciones a ciegas | La Voz Kids Antena 3 2021Jesús del Río canta 'Highway to Hell' | Audiciones a ciegas | La Voz Kids Antena 3 2021

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