Kid Plays Entire Metallica Discography in 12 Mins!


10-year-old drummer Johannes Rørvik Grov released this seriously impressive Metallica discography video in which he dominates every Metallica song from “Kill ‘Em All” to “Hardwired” in just 12 minutes!


While the video was edited down from a two-plus-hour session, the footage is still impressive for a 10-year-old, considering the rhythmic complexities that make up Lars Ulrich’s contributions to the Metallica catalog. It’s only a matter of time before this kid goes completely viral!

Johannes Rørvik Grov (10 year old): 100% Metallica Discography on Drums!

The kid has a great sense of timing and accuracy, and also shows us what St. Anger would sound like with a real snare drum!

Oh, we must also mention… Metallica approves!