Leopard Clad Bruce Dickinson Sings 1968 Classic

Leopard Clad Bruce Dickinson Sings 1968 Classic 1  

Try to contain yourself as you watch leopard clad Bruce Dickinson singing the 1968 Tom Jones classic, “Delilah“.

Back in 1997 Dickinson appeared on the Irish television game show “Last Chance Lottery with Patrick Kielty”. Bruce was sporting a leopard print suit that might just well be permanently etched into your metal-loving brains. Sorry about that!

The T.V programs basic premise was to give losers the chance to right their wrongs for fame and fortune. Not only would they play silly games for themselves but they would also earn money for a prize pot which could be won at the end of show by an unsuspecting audience member.

Throughout the years, the Iron Maiden frontman has worn some pretty outrageous onstage garb. Can you say “Somewhere in Time”? 


Bruce covered head to toe in leopard print was something that even had the shows host cracking a Def Leppard joke!


Fun Fact: The shows song wheel was admittedly fixed by a bloke called “Willy the Wheel”. He stood inside the wheel and manually stopped it where he saw fit -- sad that honesty in television has long gone out the window.

Bruce Dickinson - Delilah

We didn’t see any panties being flung up on stage, but that leopard suit surely invoked a little moisture?


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