Metallica Christmas

Metallica Christmas For Whom The Bell Tolls


The Metallica Anthem For Whom The Bell Tolls Has Been Transformed Into A Christmas Carol

DJ Cummerbund Is Bringing Heavy Holiday Cheer To The Metal Masses.

Merry Metallica Christmas!

In celebration of the Christmas season the famous Youtube song masher has combined Metallica For Whom The Bell Tolls with the classic holiday song Carol of the Bells to create Time Marches On For Carol The Bell Tolls.

DJ Cummerbund – Time Marches On (For Carol The Bell Tolls)
DJ Cummerbund - Time Marches On (For Carol The Bell Tolls)
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When most think of Metallica, festive isn’t the first phrase that likely comes to mind.

But add in some Trans Siberian Orchestra and then suddenly everyone’s tune changes.

Metallica Christmas

That’s what he probably had in mind when he dropped this new mashup on us just in time for Christmas!

Metallica Christmas

And because the Youtuber is a pro wrestling enthusiast the video also contains some gruesome clips from 2005’s Santa’s Slay a holiday horror film starring WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg portraying the evil Santa!