Ozzy Osbourne Vocal Track: “Into The Void”


Black Sabbath really decided to switch things up on their third studio album Master of Reality…

By tuning down three semitones on a handful of songs to achieve a heavier sound. The album’s closer and spotlight of this article “Into The Void” was one of them, and Ozzy struggled a bit since he had to sing the complex lyrics so quickly.

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Iommi has said that Ozzy struggled with having to quickly sing “Rocket engines burning fuel so fast, up into the night sky they blast.” Tony said Geezer wrote all the words out for him but Oz still couldn’t do it and watching him try was “hilarious.”

Bill struggled to play “Into the Void.” He attempted to lay down his part in different studios and had at one point given up trying but eventually got it.

Some people out there argue that heavy metal was not invented by Black Sabbath. These people are wrong. It wasn’t until Tony Iommi sheared off his fingertips in a metal stamper and down-tuned his guitar to compensate for this maiming that a new and sinister strain of rock and roll was truly sired.

Ozzy’s Must Hear Vocal Track!

“Into The Void” Ozzy Osbourne Vocal Track
"Into The Void" Ozzy Osbourne Vocal Track

Fun Fact: During studio sessions, Ozzy brought Tony a large joint, which made him cough uncontrollably while he was laying acoustic guitar parts. The coughing fit was recorded and part of it plays as the intro into “Sweet Leaf.”