Watch As Black Sabbath Perform “Blue Suede Shoes”

Watch as Black Sabbath perform a cover of the 1955 Carl Perkins classic “Blue Suede Shoes”, the song that was later immortalized by “The King” Elvis Presley.

Per Sabbath insiders including Tony Iommi, the cover of the Elvis smash hit was never meant to be seen or heard by the “Masses” – Pun Intended

“That was just a, a run-through for the cameras. “That was a joke, basically. We just started playing that, and Ozzy hasn’t got a clue what the words were. And ‘course, you can imagine the bloody shock when we saw it out on TV. We thought, ‘My God — what’s this?’, ’cause it just weren’t supposed to be there. And we thought, ‘Ah, it’s German TV. Nobody’s ever gonna see this, anyway,’ you know? Little did we know.” – Tony Iommi


Poor Ozzy Butchers The Lyrics: Have a Listen!

Black Sabbath- Blue Suede Shoes
Black sabbath, blue suede shoesBlack sabbath, blue suede shoes

Written by: Carl Perkins

Perform Black-Sabbath-Ozzy-Blue-Suede-Shoes

Recorded live at Radio Bremen studios in Bremen, Germany. Soon afterwards, these tracks aired on the German public television show ‘Beat-Club’.


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