Angus Young Mister Miyagi

Angus Young Turns Into Mr. Miyagi From Karate Kid


Watch as AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young turns into Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid!

Phoenix, AZ: Back in 2000, AC/DC were performing onstage when some drunken asshole thought it was a good idea to throw not one but two beers all over Angus Young.

The band  were there to show a good time to fans while promoting their album “Stiff Upper Lip” but not everyone was “On The Same Page”.

Angus Young Stiff Upper Lip

The first beer flung wasn’t a direct hit, though you could tell from the footage that Angus Young was indeed “pissed”, he does all he can to shrug it off.

The second brew thrown is a drenching direct hit, this “Tosser” needs his ass beat!

The guitarist finally hands off his Gibson SG to a crew member behind the backdrop as the other fans hope for Angus to “Get All Ralph Macchio” and deliver the troublemaker  a “Crane Kick” to the face!

Angus Young Karate Kid Crane Kick

But he keeps his cool and pulls off the classiest move instead…


Mr. Miyagi Style!!!

See the footage below, & Don’t Cheat Yourself, watch until the end!
Angus Young Turns Into Mister Miyagi