BAD ASS Ronnie James Dio Tribute


This Vocal Student had the guts to cover The Most Influential Rock Vocalists Of All Time…RONNIE JAMES DIO!


Known for his Powerful Voice, his Wide Range, and his Dynamic Emotional Expression, Ronnie James Dio is the Most Respected Name in Heavy Metal History!

Ronnie James Dio Tribute

Gabriela proves that you can take on any song you want to sing, if you train properly for it.  Listen to her tribute, and let the Proof be in the Singing!

Gabriela Gunčíková - How To Sing In The Style Of Ronnie James Dio - Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Gabriela Gunčíková had a dream of being a singer and put everything she had into making that dream a reality. She enrolled at  Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy a few years back and dug right into the How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else vocal course.

Gabriela is now the lead singer of Trans Siberian Orchestra and is performing in stadiums all over!


Ken and Gabby worked towards combining great technique with the incredible power and passion of DIO. Gabriela displays extraordinary control, while preserving the integrity of a great artist such as Ronnie.