Badass Video: Rob Halford Playing An Actual Priest

See Judas Priests Lead Vocalist Rob Halford Portray An Actual Priest In This Badass Music Video “BLACK WEDDING” For The Band “IN THIS MOMENT”.


Following the mysterious teaser in early April, California metal band “In This Moment” have unveiled a dramatic music video for “Black Wedding,” their collaboration with Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford featured on last year’s full-length Ritual.


Co-directed by frontwoman Maria Brink and Robert John Kley, the clip recasts Halford as a badass priest who carries out a dark matrimonial ritual from behind his candlelit pulpit — and no, he doesn’t take his signature black sunglasses off.


Brink said that having Halford guest on the album “Ritual” was “an honor.” She also explained that the Judas Priest frontman added his vocals after all the other parts were already laid down.

“We actually recorded the song first, we had all of our stuff on it, and then he came in afterward and put his parts into it,” she said.

“But we had already kind of shown him [how we wanted it to sound].” – Maria Brink

IN THIS MOMENT guitarist Chris Howorth said “Halford was a natural choice for the “Black Wedding” track.”

In This Moment – “Black Wedding feat. Rob Halford” [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
In This Moment - "Black Wedding feat. Rob Halford" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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“Ritual” was released via Atlantic Records in partnership with Roadrunner Records.

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