Bruce Dickinson Falls Off Stage In Manchester

Watch Bruce Dickinson Fall Off Stage Then Recover Without Missing A Beat, During Iron Maiden’s Recent Show In Manchester, England.

The Legendary Heavy Metal Frontman Bruce Dickinson Took a Gnarly Tumble in Manchester!


For a bloke who just turned 60, Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson is far more nimble than most people even half his age. Decades into their career, Iron Maiden still put on epic performances with huge productions filled with a multitude of different stage sets, seemingly all of which Dickinson takes the opportunity to run across and/or leap off of during any one show.

But recently in Manchester, England, during their run-through of “2 Minutes to Midnight,” however, things did not go so smoothly…

Bruce lost his balance and took a fall forward. He staggered momentarily, lies flat on his back, but then pops right back up to continue the performance, without missing a single beat. It doesn’t seem he had any injuries from the fall, and to be honest…


He actually made getting up look pretty fucking RAD!

— As he does with most things.

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